V Nest Trading Import-Export Sole Co., Ltd

V Nest recognizes the importance of health care. Therefore continue to develop products that are valuable from natural to the produce of healthy food under the brand "V Nest". For the best benefit of everybody, "V Nest" will give you the best for your health

About Us

By accelerating the importance of health and the trend of bird's nest consumption increasing every day, therefore our company has invested in the business Vnest, which was established on June 17, 2022 with a registered capital of 500,000,000 kip.

Bird's nest is considered a valuable food that Chinese people have been populars for thousands of years. Have been dubbed as "Southeast Asian Caviar" is a product derived from bird saliva. Bird's nest is an important resource that supports Laos's economy

Invent and promote products in Laos to have acceptable quality comparable to products from abroad by creating channels for domestic consumption with exports to create increased value.
Develop and expand bird's nest production to reach all groups of people in Laos at a fair price.

Provide knowledge about the benefits of consuming bird's nests in various aspects.

Create confidence in product quality and standards and promote the use of products within Laos.

Business Goals
Process bird's products to ready-to-drink bottled products through the Food and Drug Administration

Export bird's nest to the Chinese market